[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

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Just a small Pookie funpic :P 'Cause I miss him ^___^ Pookie deserves more love! And a certain someone seams to have forgotten about him *pokes* You know who you are! ^___~

"The thing that irritated Heero the most, was that he could only draw a face on one of his fingers."

:PPP Enjoy! ♥
[x men] Charles and Erik na trawce

[ART] Pookie Doesn't Like To Be Left Out

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Ok, so, I've been hooked on pookie-love XD

And, here is my little contribution to it, a sort of 'hi I'm new' gift for him ^__^, hope you like it :) Pookie belongs to: windandwater and was originaly drawn by samikitty

Title: Pookie Doesn't Like To Be Left Out
Pairing: 1x2, 1x2+Pookie
Warnings: PG/PG-13? well, the usual, Pookie is a tentacle sex toy, so... :P and yaoi, duh...

Heero was hoping to show Duo he's better than any toy. But Pookie doesn't like to be left out of the fun.

You can take and color it, if anyone wants :) I suck at computer art ^^;
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[FIC] Untitled

Title: Untitled
Author: samikitty
Notes: Gift to me, windandwater. :3
I've been meaning to type this up for a long while now, but kept getting distracted. Also, I was lazy. :P This was written by samikitty for me, and it came with the ABSOLUTELY BEST KEYCHAIN EVER. Whiiiiiiiiiich... I'm afraid to actually use because I don't want to damage Heero, Duo or Pookie. D: But I still love it. ♥

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[ART] - The Best Laid Plans...

planned for a while, but not drawn until recently when a sleepless night coupled with wickedgameff's ficlet to produce this... comic strip thing or whatever it is... ^O^;;

Title: The Best Laid Plans
Characters: Heero, Duo, Pookie, and Heero'sGrandPlanWhichAsWeAllKnowNeverQuiteWorks
Rating: R
Warnings: uh... aside from the usual "it's a tentacle sex toy" warning... there's sort of NC-17 pic at the end. ^O^;;;

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FMA - Lust - Wicked

[FIC] Muffin - or - Pookie's Affair

Title: Muffin – or – Pookie’s Affair
Author: WickedGame
Rating: NC-17 for subject matter
Genre: humor, Pookie fic
Pairing: established 1=2 and 3=4 with some PxM, 2xPx4xM and mention of 1x3.
Warnings: umm… Pookie fic? So…crack…tentacle sex…foul language.
Notes: Written for corazon_d_fuego who is trying to quit caffeine and I said I would write some Pookie smut.
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing. I do not own Pookie. I do own Muffin but you can use it. Pookie is owned by windandwater for conception and samikitty for artwork. Beta read by triowing.

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